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The path for mothers of the highly sensitive

19. March 2021 1. October 2021


You child is somehow challenged by what are commonly called “mental health” issues. Perhaps he or she is seriously ill. The specific diagnosis, if any, is not important here. He or she may be an adult, a youth or a child, live away or at home. This course is taking point of departure in you and how you can stand stronger in yourself, while you also get many tools to support your child’s healing process.

Release Your Mama Warrior is for you who long to stand stronger in yourself so you can, in turn, support your child in standing stronger in life. It is for you who may not be sure how to best support your child. Perhaps you are weary of feeling like you are failing when your child is challenged. It is for you who are SO ready to feel yourself again. For you who want to experience more peace and joy and passion, even when life is filled with challenges. It is for you who long for YOU.

This path WILL take you back to your core, to the source of you – and from there anything and everything is possible.


The path to better heath for our children – including our adult children – often goes through us. That may sound a bit strange, but it’s not, really.

It’s not that we have not done things ‘good enough’ before. We have ALWAYS done our best. It is more that we have not always had the necessary tools or the necessary support. The ‘support’ we often receive is about trying to force our unconventional child to fit into conventional frameworks. But the path of the unconventional does not go through the conventional. And honestly, the necessary tools and understandings have not yet entered our healthcare systems.

So we have to have the knowledge and the tools ourselves – and access to our own, inner wise voice is key to lead us in the right direction.

Also, just as you are connected to and can often sense how your child feels and know what is coming before it happens, so is your child connected to you. Your child also knows how you feel and how you will react – even when you try to hide it. When you stand stronger in yourself and accept yourself and the outside world as it is, then you automatically lighten the load on your child so he or she can focus on carrying their own.

I have seen it happen many times over.


In the case of my family, I had to find my own way. I saw in the eyes of the psychiatrists that they did not have any answers for my family. I was frightened. Where should I then go?

I set out to find my own path. It was a matter of life or death. I followed my intuition and sought knowledge and tools both outside and within myself.

I have never stopped since.

My daughter has gone from being so sick and psychotic that she ended up trapped inside the American legal system, to being healthy today. She has accomplished EVERYTHING herself, but I have supported her in finding her path and put together a program that continues to support her courage and her desire to live a healthy life. In fact, she is one of the strongest and most inspiring people I know.

Her healing process demanded that I also heal my own wounds. I needed to stand strong enough in myself to be able to support her and my family through the chaos and pain that comes with living with mental illness up close. I needed to have the patience to wait until she was ready, and then be ready when she was ready.

I always thought I was prepared, with my master’s degrees in both psychology and communication, my various coaching degrees and years of experience. But I still had a long way to go. And the road was to be an untraditional one.

Today, I support other mothers in standing stronger in themselves so they can in turn support their children standing stronger and happier in life. No mother should ever feel as alone as I felt with no idea of where to turn for help.

Now, no process is ever the same, not for any mother or her child, so the path of Release Your Mama Warrior assists you in finding your and your family’s own unique path. It is a path that requires awareness, courage, discipline, perseverance, patience, trust, heart and love. At your own pace, in your own flow.

I will be by your side with each step you take.

TIME FRAME          

The entire course is six months long. It is made up of three modules, and each module is eight weeks long. It takes time to create lasting change and create new habits.

We begin on March 19.


In addition to finding and gaining access to new sides of yourself and your inner strength, you get:

∞ My support for 24 weeks – with access to my entire, rather large tool box and clairvoyance

∞ Unlimited sparring and intuitive support in an online group of women and mothers who share similar experiences

∞ Eight personal sessions with me

∞ Bi-weekly online group sessions – we schedule the time together so it suits the group

∞ Specific life-changing tools to support your individual path – see below description


Module 1 – My body, my temple

In this module, you rediscover your body, your temple. The body is too often overlooked when we seek to find mental and emotional balance within ourselves, but the body remembers everything. Even when we think we have let go and processed what we want to dispense with, the body holds on – often without us even being aware of it. Sometimes it even creates its own physical challenges. You will get tools to support your body both physically and mentally so that it – your foundation – stands prepared for the next part of your journey on modules 2 and 3.

Your journey during Module 1

∞ You become aware that every type of energy you consume, be it physically through your mouth or mentally through your senses – affects you. We practice giving you more of what makes you stronger.

∞ You heighten your senses and create a grounded place where the ability to live in the now is a reality. In the now, the present, fear does not exist. We only feel fear when we go back to the past or feel uncertainty about the future

∞ You learn to check into your body and mind daily and discover where in your body the different emotions are located and how to support your body in letting go of emotions that may have been physically stuck inside you for a long time.

∞ You find strength through your cyclical nature.

∞ You learn to surrender to what is, so you work with the energy rather than against it.

∞ You get a tool that supports you in keeping your energy with you – we cut the roots that drain you of your energy.

∞ You learn to create your inner space and draw a circle that is only yours and that you can always step into when you need it.

Module 2 – My Heart, My Soul

The heart is the direct path to our soul. It speaks for our soul. Our soul is always trying to get through to us, but we often cannot hear it because we are so busy with the day to day. We simply cannot hear our soul when our head is making so much noise.

Moreover, we are not trained to listen to our soul. In fact, we often prefer not to talk about it. For some odd reason, it has become a little embarrassing to talk about our soul, well, at least until we die. Then the pastor talks about it in church.

In this module you learn to listen to your own voice first, so that you have no doubt that you are making the right decisions for you and your family.

Your journey during Module 2

∞ You make contact with and open your heart, and learn to communicate with your soul through your heart.

∞ You ask your soul for advice and listen to the answers it provides when you are feeling doubt. Your soul always knows the right answer.

∞ You learn to work with your natural energy and your flow.

∞ You learn to accept the things you cannot change so that you can use your energy where it will make a difference.

∞ You learn to draw strength from gratitude, trust, and forgiveness

∞ You learn to collapse time and become aware of and practice how quantum physics can help you and yours heal

Module 3 – My passion, my life force

Now the time has come to finally bring your inner wild woman home. When we come in contact with her, we know that everything is as it should be. We know we are connected to everything and everyone. We know we always have a choice. We understand our limits and embrace all of our emotions. We are mothers, and we are women, with all that entails. We bring the lost parts of ourselves home. We KNOW that we can make a difference for ourselves, for our families, for our children. We know we are an important part of the healing process.

Your journey during Module 3

∞ Inside your circle from Module 1, you will now get to know your inner wild woman, your inner wolf. Some call her their inner witch – it IS witches who draw circles. No matter what you call her, she is immeasurably wise and worth getting to know

∞ You come to understand your larger purpose and your values

∞ You get to know your instincts and learn how to create balance between them

∞ You breathe in your creative power, let it flare up and release it

∞ You work with your sensuality and your sexuality – your inner holy grail. As women, too many of us have shut down some of our energy.

∞ You connect to the primordial force that lies naturally within all of us and that speaks to you through your inner knowledge, based on the wisdom of generations.


Most importantly, I am the mother of a daughter who has been severely mentally ill and I have experiences that make me ready to face and meet any personal story. My mission is to support mothers of the vulnerable stand stronger in themselves so they can in turn support their children in standing stronger in life.

I hold Master’s degrees in Psychology and Communication. I am a certified Enneagram coach, Team Coach and Master coach. I also hold certifications and have attended numerous courses in alternative practices and have developed a toolbox that includes yoga, meditation, sense training, Ayurveda, healing and clairvoyance.

I have knowledge of the healing functions of herbs, and I have developed a healing practice that combines Functional Medicine (where foods and supplements are considered medicine) and anti-inflammatory living with our individual Ayurvedic dosha combination.

I have several years of leadership and consultancy experience in large organizations where I specialized in strategy, leadership, workshop and seminar development and facilitation, change management and personal development.

I have been a member of the non-profit Better Psychiatry (Bedre Psykiatri) for several years and been active in both the local board, the regional union and in The Psychiatric Unions of the Capital Region (Psykiatriforeningernes Fællesråd i Region Hovedstaden).

I currently hold a position on the Advisory Board of the Arts of Transformation where “We recognize the ability of the arts to connect the rational with the irrational and actively make use of that connection to create change for people and society.”

I participate actively in  political settings regarding alternatives to the psychiatric strategy.


Payment in up to 12 installments is possible

$2960 Pay $247/month ( = DKK 1.539/md)

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