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Lotte Weaver speaks at and facilitates workshops in companies & organizations and in public and political settings to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, severe mental illness and neuropsychiatric disorders.

EMBOLC’s focus in companies and organizations is to open up the dialogue surrounding mental health to break the taboos around it. Few workplaces realize the extent to which mental health issues play a role in absence and productivity. They are unable to support key and valued employees because mental health issues are still taboo and not discussed in the workplace.

EMBOLC’s focus in public and political settings is to change the ways we currently view and treat mental health issues and severe mental illness and offer alternatives to the current psychiatric treatment when symptoms first arrive to ensure fewer seriously ill and untreated people.

Audience participation is a vital part of our lectures and workshops.

For lectures and workshops open to the public, see our calendar, or contact EMBOLC to book Lotte Weaver for a lecture.


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Lotte Weaver

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