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A family member with mental illness can drain a family’s coffers for years, leaving those impacted not sure how they are going to meet everyday expenses, much less get the kind of help they should have. They know that they need emotional support and healing, but their bank accounts have been decimated. Too often, those that need help and support the most simply cannot afford it.

Embolc’s non-profit section is designed to allow your corporate support of people in need. Perhaps they have had to leave their job to take care of a child or they have sky-high attorney or assisted living costs to ensure the best care for their loved one. The possibilities are many, and more families are suffering than we are aware of because mental health issues, especially when severe, are still difficult to talk about.

Your support allows people touched by mental illness receive financial help or to participate in one or more of Embolc’s programs so they can regain their strength and get tools to stand stronger through the chaos that has taken over their lives.

Every donation – regardless of size – matters. Thank you.

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