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EMBOLC takes issue with ‘science’ that separates the head and brain from the rest of the body and then ignores the body during treatment.

We believe that thoughts, emotions and the body must be included in every healing process. If we ignore any one of these three centers during treatment, we often do not get to the root of the problem, creating a great risk of symptoms and illnesses returning.

EMBOLC works inside several layers in the community


EMBOLC participates in the political debate and develops strategies to ensure that the political frameworks are set to develop the kind of research that leads to a greater understanding and eventual healing of mental health issues and severe mental illness.

We seek to offer multi-faceted treatments that meet people where they are at any given moment and combine them with an extended approach to recovery, ensuring that these are offered as soon as the person or their family seeks help. We believe that people’s own needs must be met earlier in the process and that there should be alternatives to traditional psychiatry. We work actively for solutions where the person feels recognized, and where emotions, thoughts and the body are all involved in treatment from the very beginning, so that we can begin to work with the causes behind disorders rather than only treating the symptoms.

Businesses and organizations

EMBOLC supports companies and organizations in developing dialogue and removing the taboos surrounding the discussion of mental health issues and severe mental illness. Few companies and organizations realize that one out of every three of their employees are related to a person with a mental issue and that one in 10 are themselves psychologically challenged. This affects employees both personally and professionally. Without dialogue, the company does not have the opportunity to support employees in what can be the most challenging time of their lives. The results are damaging to both the employee and the workplace, in the form of a lower quality of work, sick leave, stress and the loss of valuable employees.

People with mental health issues and their relations

EMBOLC believes that recognition heals. Meeting others who simply understand without explanation. The facilitators for our courses and groups all have had personal experiences with some type of mental health issue or severe illness. This allows participants to feel recognized and comfortable. They quickly find that the explanations they often find themselves having to give elsewhere are not needed at EMBOLC.

Our mission begins and ends with those whose lives are affected – and often damaged – by the symptoms of mental health issues and severe mental illness.

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Lotte Weaver

Founder of Embolc

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