In EMBOLC, we believe that people suffering from symptoms of mental health issues and severe mental illness can heal. We see it every day when people receive the right personal healing treatment and are met as human beings rather than as a diagnosis or an illness.

We also believe that we must start early and offer alternatives to traditional psychiatry when symptoms arise.

Often people with mental health issues are left untreated and unhealed. This has huge consequences to these people and their families. It also has huge financial costs to society that the same people continously come back to the system. 

We see a tendency to treat all people with similar symptoms the same. While symptoms may be similar, the causes behind the symptoms can be very different. Much research is available that we do not currently use. 

Why is it that some people are healed from a treatment and others with similar symptoms are not?

Also, we are blessed with bodies and minds that can heal themselves. When we do not heal, we need to look at why that is. 

When our system is in a state of stress, we are not able to heal. It it therefore key that we know how to support people in getting into a healing state. 

Embolc includes body, mind, emotions and soul in order to support sustainable healing. 

We have great experience with successful healing methods, and we wish to take an active role within society and in political settings to ensure needed development.

It does not have to cost more. With time, it will cost society much less – and we get to support people in refinding pleasure in facing life.

Our founder, Lotte Weaver, openly shares the tale of her own family facing severe mental health issues, their experiences with traditional psychiatry and the methods that helped her family heal and get back on track. She has vast experience from working for years with people facing mental health issues and their families.

Contact EMBOLC to hear more. We are always happy to assist in developing our healthcare system.

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Lotte Weaver

Founder of Embolc

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