EMBOLC believes that people suffering from symptoms of mental health issues and severe mental illness can heal. We see it every day when people receive the right treatment and are met as human beings rather than a diagnosis and an illness. We also believe that we must start early with alternatives to traditional psychiatry when symptoms arise.

We see a discrimination in how we treat people with mental health issues as all symptoms are treated the same – and very often left untreated.

We speak to change the tendency to treat all people with similar symptoms the same. While symptoms may be similar, the causes behind the symptoms can be very different. Much research is available that we do not currently use in the Psychiatry. Also, some illnesses need to be reclassified as they belong in neurology.

We have experience with and have researched successful alternatives, and we take an active role within society and in political settings to ensure new ground for treatment methods that heal before it is too late.

Our founder, Lotte Weaver, speaks in political settings. She openly shares the tale of her own family facing severe mental health issues, their experiences with traditional psychiatry and the alternative methods that helped her family heal and get back on track. She has vast experience from working for years with people facing mental health issues and their families.

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