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Online Women’s Group – Part 2

16. March 2020 11. May 2020


This course is for those women who have already participated in the first EMBOLC women’s group.

Course two aims to continue the supportive space for women who are mothers of challenged, sensitive and severely ill children, adolescents and adults. We continue the space where women sharing similar stories and situations are met with recognition and where no explanation is needed. It is all about women supporting women and standing stronger together.

During this course, we use our grounding and awareness of our senses from Course 1 to listen to our inner voice of wisdom. We also seek to regain and increase the contact to our feminine, creative and sensual side.

The course runs for eight weeks and includes four online sessions with four accompanying themes which include some simple exercises. The exercises are inspired by meditation and self development practices and take 5-10 minutes for each theme.

Just as in course 1, all women are invited into an online room, which is available as needed. It is a safe space offering eight weeks of unlimited sparring, coaching and soul-healing whenever you need it. Your own needs determine how much time you spend in the online group. There is no right or wrong here. Your needs are in focus, and everyone is met exactly where they are in that moment.


The course is made up of four themes with accompanying exercises. Each theme is introduced via an email and a short audio tutorial. Sometimes a small video is included to show an exercise. You will receive the material for the upcoming theme one week before our online session. See the exact schedule below.

The exercises are simple. Any question about them can be discussed in the closed Facebook group or during our online sessions. At each online session we discuss the exercises; both the resistances and the breakthroughs. Each participant has the opportunity to share experiences, describe challenging situations or ask a question before and during each session, which we dive into during the session to help break unproductive patterns.

I comment on all inquiries in the Facebook group and offer support to each participant in her personal and individual process. It is up to each participant how much they wish to comment on what others are writing. Encouraging comments and loving support are always welcome. There is often much to learn in the processes that others are going through. Their experience often resembles our own and sets something in motion within ourselves.

THEME 1 Acceptance

Although some things seem impossible to accept, by not accepting them, we create barriers that prevent us from moving forward. This theme assists us in learning to accept even the most difficult things in our lives.

THEME 2 Gratitude

You may already be aware of, or even use, exercises involving writing gratitude lists as a tool for turning one’s view from negative to positive.

These lists can be very effective, but for those of us already spending too much time ‘in our heads’, the act of creating a list can lead us further into our minds and away from our bodies.

In this theme, we work with a tool that helps us feel gratitude inside our bodies for the things we have to be grateful for in life. And there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. When we feel gratitude, our own energy changes and that new positive energy flows into our surroundings, attracting even more things we can be grateful for.

Remember, emotions are as contagious as the flu – perhaps even more so!

Opening our heart and listening to the wisdom of our soul

Our heart is the direct channel to our soul. It is the voice of the soul. The soul is always trying to get through to us, but we often do not hear it because we are so busy with everyday tasks. We simply cannot hear our souls when our heads are filled with noise.

In the West, not only are we not trained to listen to our soul, we actually often prefer not to talk about it. For some reason, the soul has become a little embarrassing to discuss. At least until we die, and the worship leader talks about our wonderful soul in church.

In the East, one actively works with the concept of the soul. We take the Eastern approach during this theme. We do an exercise that helps us to make contact with and open our heart and then use it to listen to the answers from our soul, so that we can always ask it for advice when in doubt.

Your soul always knows the right answer!

THEME 4 Trust

When we live in fear of situations we cannot control, fear can rule our entire lives. We actually come to depend on it. It steals away our peace, our sleep, our life.

During this theme, we work to let go of control and replace fear with trust and with the belief that life wants the best for us.

We also learn to trust what our soul is telling us when we listen and to take the next step toward the life we dream of.

When we are in a state of trust, we can ‘sit back’ and know that we are supported in our process, that we are not alone and understand that despite those things that may not be as we had imagined, we still have access to great joy in and around our lives.


March 16: Materials/exercises for Theme 1 and creation of online Facebook group

March 23: 1st online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

March 30: Materials/exercises for Theme 2

April 6: 2nd online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

April 13: Materials/exercises for Theme 3

April 20: 3rd online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

April 27: Materials/exercises for Theme 4

May 4 4th online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

May 11: Course ends

If you are unable to attend any of the four online sessions, they are recorded, so you have the opportunity to watch any session at your convenience.


We understand that families who have supported a loved one for years can be strained financially. If price is an issue, please contact EMBOLC for a payment plan. We also continuously look for sponsors so we can offer reduced and even free spots.

Do not let the price stop you from attending if this course is right for you! Contact EMBOLC for a solution at Lotte@EMBOLC.org

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