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Online Women’s Group – Part 1

6. April 2020 1. June 2020


For mothers of sensitive and challenged children, adolescents and adults


This course aims to create an equal and supportive space for women who are mothers of challenged and sensitive children, adolescents and adults, while improving our contact with our own bodies and senses so that we can find ourselves after living with ongoing pressure. We create a space where women sharing similar stories and situations are met with recognition and where no explanation is necessary.

Through simple exercises, we increase our contact with our bodies, ourselves, our souls, our femininity. These are the places that hold the key to our creative energy and power. We are mothers, but we are also women. Renewing our relationship with ourselves will renew that sense of strength and power that allows us to stand strong no matter what goes on around us.

The course runs for eight weeks and includes four online sessions and four accompanying themes that incorporate simple but highly effective exercises for reestablishing balance in you.

A closed online room is available all day, every day as needed. It’s a safe space giving you access to eight weeks of unlimited sparring, coaching, insight and healing. Your own needs help you decide how much time you spend in the group. You might feel the need to share, ask for or offer support. There is no ‘right or wrong’ within the group. The focus is on you and everyone is met exactly where they are.



The course is made up of four individual themes. The exercises for each theme are inspired by meditation and self-development practices and take 5-10 minutes each to complete. Each theme is introduced via a short audio tutorial. Sometimes a small video is included to show an exercise. The exercises are simple. Any question about them can be discussed in the closed Facebook group or during our online sessions.

At the online sessions, we talk about the exercises – both resistances and breakthroughs. Each participant also has the opportunity to share their current situation and receive help with breaking unhealthy patterns.

I comment on all inquiries in the Facebook group and offer support to each participant in her personal process. It is up to each participant how much they wish to comment on what others are writing. Supportive comments and loving advocacy are always welcome. There is often much we can each learn in the processes and changes others undergo, as their experiences are often similar to our own and sets something in motion within us.


THEME 1 Grounding

As we learn how to become more attached to the earth and ground ourselves, we can find inner peace when we face the fears of our loved ones or those within ourselves. In time, we learn to maintain calm in intense situations, or when we are experiencing intense emotions. With the help of a simple grounding exercise, we learn to stay within ourselves, even when those around us are having a hard time. Dedication to a few simple exercises for a few minutes each day, can, over time, develop into a natural and life-changing habit.


THEME 2 Getting in touch with our body and surrendering

Using a check-in-with-the-body exercise, we learn to experience and feel ourselves. We begin to understand the signals from our own bodies and where they are coming from. We become aware of our emotions and train to let them flow through us instead of either suppressing them or getting stuck in them.

We also get a tool that teaches us to surrender to ‘what is’. Sometimes the ‘noise’ is trapped inside of us, and in spite of grounding and body exercises and the well-meaning advice and support of others, it remains and seems to get louder. This exercise can help to calm our emotions when they are making the most noise. In such situations, it also helps to keep in mind that even though today is difficult, tomorrow is a new day. After all, we are lucky enough to be allowed to start over every day if we are able to let go of yesterday.


THEME 3 Be here now

It sounds simple enough, but, for most of us, it is a challenge. We train the senses to be in the present. This is another layer of grounding. The sensory exercises can be used anytime and anywhere to help us find our way back to ourselves when we sense turmoil and start running into the past or the future. When we are in the present, we are not gripped by fear, worry and panic. We only have those feelings when we are either caught up in thoughts and emotions of the past (perhaps the fear of the past repeating) or planning or worrying about what the future might bring.


THEME 4 Self-responsibility and creating MY space

As mothers of challenged children, we have learned to have our antennas out and on high alert all the time. We are ready, aware, available and often want to ‘fix’ the situations our children are experiencing and feel with (or like) them when their lives get difficult. It is natural that we feel this way, considering what our children have been through – and what we have been through with them. When our children are sick, we may also even question our own parenting. Have we been good enough mothers? Could we have done something that would have resulted in a different outcome? Our bad conscience may cause us to take on even more responsibility and stick our antennas out even further. The problem with having our antennas out all the time is that our energy is moving in the same direction as the antennas – out of us, leaving us drained for energy.

During this module, we work on pulling our antennas back in via a solar plexus exercise so that we have energy for ourselves as well as our family. In fact, it is vital that we learn how to ‘charge’ ourselves up first, just like in an airplane we where are instructed to put on our own oxygen mask before we attempt to take care of anyone else.

We also learn to create an inner space; a circle that is ours and ours alone, that we can find our way into whenever we need it. It is with us all day, every day. Inside the circle, we are introduced to our inner wild woman, who helps us find our way back to ourselves.


April 6: Delivery of materials/exercise for Theme 1 and invitation to online group

April 13: 1st online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

April 20: Materials/exercise for Theme 2

April 27: 2nd online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

May 4: Materials/exercises for Theme 3

May 11: 3rd online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

May 18: Materials/exercises for Theme 4

May 25: 4th online session, 5-6 pm CET (DK)/11-12 am EST (US East Coast)

June 1: Course ends


We understand that families who have supported a loved one for years can be strained financially. If price is an issue, please contact EMBOLC for a payment plan. We also continuously look for sponsors so we can offer reduced and even free spots.

Do not let the price stop you from attending if this course is right for you!

Contact EMBOLC for a solution at Lotte@EMBOLC.org

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Founder of Embolc

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