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16. June 2020 11. August 2020


If you or a family member have reoccurring or chronic symptoms – physical or mental – this course is for you. It is also for you who want to boost your immune system.

After completing this course, you will have a whole new connection to and understanding of your own body and the incredible system it is when you just treat it right.

The course builds on the understanding that our body is one connected system. What goes on in one part influences how the rest of it works.

In the Western world, we tend to look at and treat our body in parts. Think about going to the doctor. You have a heart specialist, a lung specialist, even an ear, nose and throat specialist. And then you have a psychiatrist if you get depressed or suffer from another of what we know as ‘mental health issues’. Name a body part or an organ, and there is a specific doctor for that part of your body.

This approach is based on the idea that the cause for an illness is found where the symptoms arise. Most treatment is symptoms-based rather than getting to the root of the illness and treating it once and for all. This leaves many of us with what we believe are chronic diseases – both mental and physical. When we deem something as a mental health problem, medication is the standard treatment – and when we stop the medications, the symptoms often reappear. That also goes for many physical symptoms.

This course aims to help you get to the root of your problems.

At the end of the course, you will have a specific action plan for how to continue your personal treatment.


It takes you being ready for change and committed for eight weeks to the diet changes, tests and exercises that this course introduces to you. Are you ready for change?


The course runs for eight weeks and includes four online sessions and an eight-week program that includes simple grounding exercises, two separate tests to establish foods that may trigger your system, your body type and the best diet for your specific body type.

During the 8-week process, you reconnect with your body and begin to understand the messages and signals it is sending you.

A closed online room, including the other participants in the course, is available to you all day, every day as needed. It is a safe space giving you access to eight weeks of sparring, coaching, insight and healing. Your own needs help you decide how much time you spend in the group. You might feel the need to share or ask for or offer support. There is no right or wrong within the group. The focus is on you.


MODULE 1: Introduction to causes for inflammation in your body, anti-inflammatory diet & grounding exercise to establish contact to your body – Test 1 begins in week 2

MODULE 2: Introduction to Ayurveda & Test 2 for your Ayurvedic body typer body & Test 2 for your Ayurvedic body type

MODULE 3: Introduction to checking into your body daily to listen to its messages to you & assisting your body in cleansing itself of toxins

MODULE 4: Test 1 results and your individual next step

TIME FRAME – 8 weeks, from June 16 to August 11

June 16: Delivery of materials/exercises for Module 1 and creation of online Facebook group

June 23: 1st online session & test 1 begins, 4-5 pm CET (DK)/10-11 am EST (US East Coast)

June 30: Delivery of materials/exercises for Module 2 & test of body type to supplement test 1

July 7: 2nd online session, 4-5 pm CET (DK)/10-11 am EST (US East Coast)

July 14: Delivery of materials/exercises for Module 3

July 21: 3rd online session, 4-5 pm CET (DK)/10-11 am EST (US East Coast)

July 28: Delivery of final test 1 plan

Aug 4: 4th online session, 4-5 pm CET (DK)/10-11 am EST (US East Coast)

Aug 11: Course closes – all participants have a plan for continuous treatment & diet

If you are unable to attend any of the four online sessions, they are recorded, so you have the opportunity to watch any session at your convenience.



On the day the course begins you are invited into a private Facebook group in which all participants may participate via text, audio or video. You also have the opportunity to share links or other items of interest. Each participant needs a Facebook profile. If you do not wish to be public on Facebook, you can create a temporary profile for the group using an alias.


The four online sessions are via Zoom, giving us the opportunity to hold our meetings online. Links to the sessions are posted in the Facebook group. Group members log into the meeting by clicking on the link and following a few simple instructions.


You receive all materials via EasyMe that enables you to access the course material anytime from anywhere. You will be notified by mail with a direct link as materials are released during the course.



Lotte Weaver holds Master Degrees in Communication and Psychology and is an intuitive certified Enneagram Coach and Team & Master Coach. She has many years of experience in leadership and consultancy positions and is experienced in personal development and in creating and facilitating workshops.

She also holds certifications and has attended numerous courses in alternative practices and has developed a toolbox that includes yoga, meditation, sense training, healing and Ayurveda.

Lotte has always had a special interest in diet and has extensive knowledge in anti-inflammatory diet and supplements through years of following the development of Functional Medicine, where diet is considered medicine. She has a broad knowledge on herbs and their various healing functions as well as knowledge of Eastern practice, Ayurveda and specific diets for various body types. We are blessed with a world full of medicines that many of us have forgotten over the years. Lotte combines her knowledge from these various studies in this course.

Most importantly, Lotte is the mother of a daughter who has suffered from serious mental illness, and the materials in this course were first and foremost developed to help her own family recover from mental illness and years of strain.


I attended the EMBOLC course Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind. Changing my diet has been a positive experience. On the whole, I feel lighter, and have a sense of contentment and calm in my body that I had not expected when the course began. I also think I am calmer and more in balance. Very soon after the course started, a problem I have had with dryness in my eyes was gone. It has been extremely interesting to hear and read about the Ayurveda body types and I think it makes really good sense. It is a really nice combination with the Ayurveda, anti-inflammatory diet and functional medicine, on which Lotte builds the course 🌺🌺🌺. “ Joan

“Thank you so much for a very interesting course Lotte. I got so much out of it. I have less head aches and my migraines are much milder now. The Lichen Planus exema does not bather me anylonger, and my skin is much better and cleaner (I have suffered from much acne). I also suffer less from anxiety. I am definitely continuing with an anti-inflammatory diet.”

“Thanks for some super weeks during Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind ❤️ I’ve found that I get an uncomfortable stomach from gluten and especially sugar. I think I want to completely remove sugar and gluten from my diet. I don’t miss it in the new diet at all. I always thought we were eating healthy, and we actually eat a lot healthier now. The summer will be spent finding inspiration for a lot of delicious anti-inflammatory dishes and reading some of the things that have been posted on the online group. It has been a very positive experience 🌼❤️🌼. ” Stephanie


300 US$ (app 2000 DKK)

Medical disclaimer

The information in this course is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of information you have read, heard or otherwise accessed through this course

Lotte Weaver

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