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8. April 2021 @ 08:00 3. June 2021 @ 17:00

This course is for you who are highly sensitive or the parent of a highly sensitive or ‘mentally’ ill child and who would like some useful tools to support you through your and your family’s healing process.

After completing this course, you will have a whole new connection to and understanding of your own body and the incredible system it can be when you honor it. If you are a mother, you will come to understand your child’s needs much more deeply, whether they want to be part of the process or not. Perhaps you and your child can take this course together.


To me, it is quite obvious that what we eat affects our body. And when our body is affected in one way or another, it also affects our mind. Our body and mind are a single cohesive system.

I am well aware that many do not see the body and mind as being connected. In fact, our hospital system often does not even see the body itself as a connected system.

In the Western world, we tend to look at and treat our body in parts. Think about going to the doctor. You have a heart specialist, a lung specialist, even an ear, nose and throat specialist. Name a body part or an organ, and there is a specific doctor for that part of your body. And if you get depressed or suffer from another of what we call ‘mental health issues’, you see a psychiatrist. Our head is almost looked upon as being somehow separate from our body.

This approach is based on the idea that the cause for an illness is found in the symptoms. Most treatment is symptom-based rather than getting to the root of the illness and treating it there. This leaves many of us with what we believe are chronic diseases – both mental and physical. When we deem something as a ‘mental health’ problem, medication is the standard, and all too often only, treatment.

But, back to the mind, which is often governed by emotions that we feel in the body. Any well-trained body therapist can elaborate on that fact. Our stomach is actually the most sensitive part of our body. There are far more neurons in the stomach than in the brain. We have always been taught that the brain sends signals to the body but consider for a moment whether it might not also flow the other way; the stomach sends signals to the brain.

Recall a time when you had a shock. Where did you feel it?

You will probably remember that you felt it in your stomach – in the solar plexus, which sits in the middle of the stomach under the ribs. This is where we absorb our daily experiences. Having a shock almost always causes us to bend over and hold our hands or arms in front of our stomach in order to protect our sensitive, soft core.

Now,think of a child – perhaps your own – who feels pressured, upset or offended. Visualize them bending forwards with their arms pressed against their abdomen. To protect their stomach – and not because they are afraid of a physical punch, but because every emotion we feel hits us right in the stomach – for better or worse.

When we are traumatized, frightened, pressured, bored, feel odd or just somehow ‘wrong’, it settles in our stomach. We get “a knot in our stomach”.

And if we and our children are sensitive, even more experiences hit us in the stomach, even more often. We are constantly in that defensive or protective position because the world around us is just a little too much to handle.

Over time – and for some it is innate – this high sensitivity settles in our stomachs, and our digestion becomes as sensitive as we are.

In a world where much of our food should not even fall into the category of ‘food’, there is already a lot that can ruin our digestive processes. Add high sensitivity on top of everything else, and it is almost impossible for our digestion not to be affected.

The Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States has conducted studies on children with diagnoses of anxiety, depression, ADHD and Autism. They revealed that the vast majority of children with these diagnoses also have bloated stomachs. That may not sound all that serious, because a lot of us suffer from bloating. It’s just gas in the stomach, after all. Perhaps, but there is nothing “just” about it.

We should not be walking around our stomachs bloated with air; it is measurably harmful to our health in the long run. If it is a constant condition, it leads to inflammation in the stomach and the digestive system, and inflammation in the digestive system spreads to other places in the body – including the brain. An inflamed and constantly irritated stomach will eventually cause inflammation in the brain, resulting in conditions like anxiety, depression and other ‘mental’ illnesses.

These symptoms can also appear because the body remembers the traumas, the hard feeling, the stress. Even if we have already processed experiences and emotions cognitively, we can still fall back into states recalled from previous experiences – even if they have not seemed particularly serious. The body remembers the emotions of our past experiences.

Think of a piece of music that suddenly brings tears to your eyes or joy to your heart because it brings back a memory, often completely unconsciously.

If the emotions are unpleasant, we try to put some distance between ourselves and our body – we try to avoid the feelings, because they are unpleasant.

It is essential that we begin to involve our body in the work of healing “mental” illness. Our body processes experiences much more slowly than our head.

So, in answer to the question: Can we really heal the mind through what we eat?

When we eat the right diet – that is, we remove foods that trigger our system and increase our intake of foods that create balance within, it is easier for us to feel and access the body. Our senses become clearer, we become calmer and more grounded.

Diet is indeed an important part of any healing process – physically and mentally. But it cannot stand alone. If the imbalance has occurred because of past traumatic experiences, and we have not healed these experiences, they will continue to create discomfort in our system. Also, if we are highly sensitive to our surroundings, we need to learn to protect our personal energies so that we do not feel things quite as strongly. This requires increased awareness, and the path to that awareness is through the body.


  1. You get tools to reconnect with your body
  2. You get tools to protect your energy from the rest of the world so that you are not so overwhelmed and can function better
  3. We look at the diet and lifestyle that supports your specific body type and creates balance in you
  4. We test you for food sensitivity so that you know which foods trigger your system and create inflammation in your body.


The course is eight (8) weeks long and is made up of four (4) modules. You receive:

∞ A test that shows your specific body type.

∞ A personal start-up session, where we examine your body test together, and look at where you need to put in effort to feel better.

∞ A complete list of foods that balance your specific body type.

∞ A mid-term personal session where we look at your specific situation and where to set in.

∞ A test that reveals if you have hidden food sensitivities – this is often the cause of increased ‘mental’ imbalances like depression, anxiety, and other symptoms – also physical.

∞ Simple grounding and body exercises.

∞ Ongoing material – and an Ayurvedic reference work that describes everything you need to know, which give have access to after completing the course.

∞ Throughout the eight weeks you will have access to a closed online group with the other participants. This is a safe space where you have complete access to sparring, receive support and recipes, gain insights and intuitive coaching as needed. Your own needs will decide how much time you spend in the group.

∞ Access to livestreams and recipes in the online group.

∞ A final personal session where we look at the next steps in your own and perhaps your family’s healing process together.


We begin on April 8.

MODULE 1: Introduction to Ayurveda and testing your Ayurvedic body type. Knowledge on how to best support your specific body type. You increase your grounding and strengthen contact with your body.

MODULE 2: Introduction to anti-inflammatory diet – Test two on food sensitivity begins. Exercise to check into your body daily to listen to the messages it is sending you.

MODULE 3: Tools to support your body in its natural cleansing process. Exercise in ‘pulling in your antennas’ to protect your sensitivity.

MODULE 4: Test two results. Exercise in protecting yourself from the outside world and your personal next steps.


You need to be ready for change and committed for eight weeks to the changes, tests and exercises that this course introduces. We will do this together 😊



The day you start the course, you will be invited into a closed Facebook group with the other participants. You decide if you want to join, but I highly recommend it as there is great support and common experiences to learn from in the group.

Online access to materials

You receive all materials via Easyme, which gives you online access to course materials via a private password. You will be notified by email with a direct link when we release materials during the course.


HEAL YOUR BODY, HEAL YOUR MIND is built upon several different scientific foundations including Ayurveda, anti-inflammatory diet and Functional Medicine.

HEAL YOUR BODY, HEAL YOUR MIND is also characterized by a spiritual approach – I prefer to call it “the natural”, which we all have access to in our inner core.

In Ayurveda, you are not what you eat, but what you digest. If you do not digest your food properly, you will not harvest the wonderful nutrients it contains. You also do not burn food as energy, and you do not get rid of waste products. It sounds complicated, but it is actually quite simple and I will guide you all the way.

HEAL YOUR BODY, HEAL YOUR MIND is based on understanding that our body and psyche are one cohesive system, and what goes on in one part of the body affects other parts of the body and mind.


Most importantly, I am the mother of a daughter who has been severely mentally ill. Part of her treatment – and my own after years of struggle – is the program you receive in this course. My mission is to support mothers of the vulnerable stand stronger in themselves so they can in turn support their children in standing stronger in life.

I hold Master’s degrees in Psychology and Communication. I am a certified Enneagram coach, Team Coach and Master coach. I also hold certifications and have attended numerous courses in alternative practices and have developed a toolbox that includes yoga, meditation, sense training, Ayurveda, healing and clairvoyance.

I have knowledge of the healing functions of herbs, and I have developed a healing practice that combines Functional Medicine (where foods and supplements are considered medicine) and anti-inflammatory living with our individual Ayurvedic dosha combination.

I have several years of leadership and consultancy experience in large organisations where I specialised in strategy, leadership, workshop and seminar development and facilitation, change management and personal development.

I have been a member of the non-profit Better Psychiatry (Bedre Psykiatri) for several years and been active in both the local board, the regional union and in The Psychiatric Unions of the Capital Region (Psykiatriforeningernes Fællesråd i Region Hovedstaden).

I currently hold a position on the Advisory Board of the Arts of Transformation where “We recognize the ability of the arts to connect the rational with the irrational and actively make use of that connection to create change for people and society.”

I participate actively in political settings regarding alternatives to the psychiatric strategy.


Payment in up to four instalments are available at no extra charge.

$980 Pay 245/month

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