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1. September 2020 @ 17:00 18:00

Join women around the world in an online full moon workshop – back to cyclical living

Women are highly affected by the moon and the different phases in its cycle of around 29.5 days – the same length of time as the menstruation cycle of the average woman. And we are affected regardless of whether we still menstruate.

When we lived in tune with nature, women’s cycle followed the cycle of the moon.

When the moon went dark, women left men and children on their own during new moon. They shed their blood and went still. They went within. They listened within, and as the new moon showed itself, they returned to those they loved a bit wiser, in tune with Nature, with their intuition and with their soul.

When the full moon came around, they ovulated, they embraced life and they spent time with others under the full moon.

As women of the Western world, most of us are not brought up to respect the treasured cycle that is the foundation for being a woman. But we still need it. Actually, the further away from Nature we get, the more we need it. When we ignore this cycle, it leaves us aching, tired, irritable, angry and most of all longing for something. Something we may have forgotten. The whisper of our soul.

Celebrate the Full Moon in Pisces with other women around the world. During the one-hour ceremony, you will:

– Learn briefly about the themes astrologers tell us that this full moon in Pisces brings us to work with

– Quiet your mind through a guided moon meditation

– Gain knowledge on what you specifically want this full moon to shed light on in your life.

– Set your intention for the next moon cycle.

$20 After signing up, you receive a confirmation email with a link to join the online ceremony

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