Women’s Online Group – for mothers of sensitive, challenged and severely ill children

Women Carring

Your support will assist a mother of a sensitive and challenged child participate in an online support group designed to help her regain her strength and focus.

Participants receive guided support through a series of online meetings, tutorials and videos.

They also meet in a private online group where they can share experiences, receive support, chat and simply feel like they are not alone and that someone understands what they have been and are going through.

The experience helps women stand strong, no matter the adversity they are facing.

Supporting a sensitive and challenged child can drain a family’s coffers for years, leaving them unsure of how they are going to make ends meet, much less get the personal help they so desperately need for treatments not supported by insurance or public health systems.

One mom that has taken the course said that it offered her “a forum to share thoughts and be met with complete understanding”.

Another called the course “the beginning of the rest of my life” and said that the facilitator, who was our founder Lotte Weaver, is “attentive, engaged and present. Every answer from her is unique and aimed only at the person who asks”.

EMBOLC always offers the course free-of-charge to one mother in each group who cannot afford it.

Your generous donation will help us reach our goal of offering this opportunity to more mothers who are in serious need of this kind of support.

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Lotte Weaver

Founder of Embolc

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