About the founder – Lotte Weaver

Lotte’s passion is in supporting families through the darkness of mental illness.

She has a long list of degrees and vast experience. But most importantly, Lotte is the mother of a daughter who has been severely mentally ill, so her own life has shown her the way to guide other parents in standing stronger in themselves so they are better able to support their child(ren) in finding the courage to face life. 

Lotte holds master’s degrees in Psychology and Communication. She is a certified Enneagram coach, Team Coach and Master coach. She also holds certifications and has attended numerous courses in sacred medicines and has developed a toolbox that includes yoga, meditation, sense training, Ayurveda, healing, soul work, and shamanic practices, where nature is used actively in the healing process.

Her aim is to share her tools openly with the people who come her way so they are able to continue their healing journey on their own. She uses the tools available to her according to the individual person and group in front of her.

Her healing works always includes body, mind, heart and soul. She has a strong belief that all are needed to ensure sustainable healing.

Lotte has several years of leadership and consultancy experience in large organizations where she specialized in strategy, leadership, workshop and seminar development and facilitation, change management and personal development.

She was a member of Better Psychiatry (Bedre Psykiatri) for several years and was active in both the local board, the regional union and in The Psychiatric Unions of the Capital Region (Psykiatriforeningernes Fællesråd i Region Hovedstaden). She also held a position on the Advisory Board of the Arts of Transformation where “We recognize the ability of the arts to connect the rational with the irrational and actively make use of that connection to create change for people and society.”

She participates actively in political settings regarding offering alternatives to or expanding the psychiatric strategy.

Lotte Weaver

Founder of EMBOLC

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